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Producer Responsibility organizations drive successful implementation of EPR policies

Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) is a policy that defines the responsibilities for producers, manufacturers, and importers of products regarding the treatment and disposal of products once they reach the end-of-life stage. EPR encourages producers for “lower environmental impact” design and environmentally friendly disposal.

Some producers are fulfilling the EPR requirements using their internal forces. However, majority cooperate with Producer Responsibility Organizations that provide full-management of post-consumer take-back, collection, and recycling and ensure the producer’s compliance with the regulations.

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PROs service the collective needs of industry

Producer Responsibility Organizations are collective nationally operating bodies that provide compliance with the legislative requirements of producers on their behalf and against a financial contribution on their part. PROs organize post-consumer take-back, ensure recovery and recycling targets, promote eco-design, educate on waste prevention, verify the data and report to national authorities.

The legal responsibility of PROs for the fulfilment of required targets puts high expectations on their knowledge, management, and operations. Digital transformation of some of the core activities can significantly relieve the manual workload, enhance transparency, automation, and accurate reporting.

A comprehensive solution for integrated management of producer responsibility organizations

A comprehensive solution for integrated management of producer responsibility organizations

Digitalization of operations facilitates efficiency, accuracy, and transparency. By digitizing processes with Sensoneo’s EPR solution, you can dramatically decrease the manual workload, drive automation, and easily identify discrepancies that require action. Strengthening transparency and accuracy can certainly attract large producers who strive for excellence and identify mature digitalization as a critical condition for cooperation.

The solution offers all modules required for a proper and detailed management of all the duties and activities involved in the end-to-end process of PROs:

A comprehensive solution for integrated management of producer responsibility organizations

Module for Management of Vendors (producers)

Module for Collection Management

Module for Material Processing Management

Module for Administration and Reporting

The solution can be easily customized to PROs’ specific needs.

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Take-Back Solution

Take-Back Solution

Once the Producer Responsibility Organization’s scope includes logistics management, and management of daily operations related to transport, collection, and pick-ups, Sensoneo’s Take-Back solution is an even more suitable alternative.

The solution minimizes administrative tasks and encourages transparency and traceability of the post-consumer take-back and recycling. Collection Marketplace easily solves demand & supply for waste transport. Mobile apps collect data from every step of the process building transparent waste streams from the source all the way to processing. Route Planning plans the shortest collection routes and navigates drivers step by step.

Solution modularity and in-house software development ensure a comfortable integration into your current process, as well as seamless information flow between existing IS and your new “Take-back system.

Take-Back Solution