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Consultancy of smart waste solutions

New technologies and smart waste management innovations represent great opportunities, whether they concern cities, businesses, or governments. However, the biggest potential lies in the process that precedes the deployment of innovative solutions. Strategic vision, clearly defined objectives, and carefully-made decisions are necessary steps to make the overall change truly beneficial and successful.

Being the leading provider of in-house-developed and produced smart waste management technologies makes Sensoneo a great partner for the implementation of technological innovations into waste management. However, our capabilities do not stop there.

Sensoneo team.

Unique know-how in smart waste management, excellent knowledge of specific and even regional waste management regulations and practices from over 80 countries as well as long-term experience in ICT, software, and hardware development and implementation of new waste policies, make us a great sparring partner to discuss and coordinate strategic and systematical changes.

Sensoneo´s know-how best practices and modern technologies help you accomplish your goal.

Whether the goal is to put new waste management regulations in practice, redefine the sorting and recycling processdigitalize the business on a large scale, or deploy a modern deposit return scheme, we have experts who can become your strategic partner in this mission. During the past years, we have been advising business leaders and state officials from different parts of the world. Sensoneo experts are able to consult smart waste solutions to businesses, enterprises and corporations, cities, municipalities, and governments.

Sensoneo CEO and Co-founder Martin Basila at a panel discussion at the conference.

Strategic vision

Clearly defined objectives

Carefully-made decisions