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Grow your business with unique IoT solution for smart waste management!

Become a Sensoneo partner and make the cities and businesses able to manage their waste smartly. Sensoneo ’s partner program, training and support enables you to succeed in the growing IOT market and to scale your business.






Fast and easy to sell

  • Unique IOT solution fully supporting „smart city“ & „smart business“ idea
  • Smart waste management market is about to grow by 17% by 2023
  • The solution brings immediate and truly valuable benefits for the end customers – improvement of fleet utilization by 30%, more efficient waste collection and carbon emission reduction to more than 60% in cities

Fast and easy to deploy

  • Easy to integrate - open API, integration proved in Customer IS, Technology Partner solutions and IOT operator IS
  • Quick and simple installation
  • Time to delivery – delivery of the pilot production within 7 BD

Excellent partner program

  • Pre-sales support : High level solution designs, joined customer calls, demos, technical deep-dives
  • Sales education : Instructor Led Trainings – business models and customer business outcomes Knowledge base portal – Complete Sales deck with key messages & proofpoints, whitepapers, marketing materials Offline Training program – webinars, case studies
  • Technical education & tool set : Instructor Led Trainings – Tech Design, Test & Turn up, Configuration, Troubleshooting, Physical Installations Knowledge base portal – Datasheets, Installation guides, User Manuals, Tech specs Offline Training program – technical deep-dives, webinars
  • Flexibility - easy and fast integration, proven customer experience with quick and engaged communication (Cambridge, Chile...)

Post-sales support

Technical support - Issue ticketing system – Troubleshooting and Diagnostics.

Knowledge base portal

professional partner forum to share knowledge, information and best practices and to advise on FaQs & quick bug fixes.



You might be a network provider (IOT/Telco), system integrator, waste management consultancy, bin producer/distributor or any other company interested to scale its business with IOT & smart technologies. You see the growing IOT market as a great opportunity to enrich your portfolio and grow your business.