Smart Waste Customer Groups

City skyline.

Smart city

Sensoneo’s smart waste management solutions enable cities to easily trace and record all waste produced within the city, introduce automated Pay-as-you-throw systems, ensure that public bins won’t get overflowed, relieve city traffic and lower emissions, and engage citizens in the topic via a variety of useful digital apps.

  • Clean & safe public spaces
  • Zero waste approach support
  • Detailed overview of actual waste production
  • Active engagement of citizens
  • No littering
Smart city
waste collection truck emptying underground trash bin

Waste Collector

Sensoneo’s smart solutions for waste collection companies optimize waste collection routes, frequencies, and vehicle loads using the power of digital transformation and automation. Solutions include automatic service verification, efficient route planning to optimize resources utilization and drive cost-saving, tools for easy digitalization of waste infrastructure, and apps that facilitate the transition to dynamic waste collection.

  • Automatic verification of collection service
  • Automatic recognition of missed bins
  • Efficient Route Planning
  • GPS Tracking, Telemetry and Fleet management
  • Dynamic waste collection
  • Driver Navigation App
Waste Collector
sensoneo smart waste solution EPR organisations

EPR or PRO Organisation

Sensoneo’s smart waste management portfolio includes specific end-to-end solutions for producer responsibility organisations, take-back operators, and industries looking for optimization and automation of their Extended Producer Responsibility compliance management. Customers can choose from a variety of modules to facilitate accurate data collection, automate reporting, and dramatically decrease the manual workload of their teams.

  • Automated reporting to national authorities
  • Real-time verification of the recycling targets fulfillment
  • Modules for collection points, logistic partners, and processing facilities
  • Modules for billing, cost/revenue controlling
  • Supporting complex deposit return systems
EPR or PRO Organisation
smart waste factory solution logistics management


Sensoneo’s smart IoT waste management solution enables factories to minimize disruptions of production by waste collection and ensure the safety regulations are met. The solution automates the waste collection logistics based on the floorplan, precise pre-defined data about waste treatment standards, fleet, schedules, depots, and discharges. Besides the daily operations management, the solution also provides smart analytics to make wise strategic decisions.

  • Just-in-time waste collection
  • Automation of optimal waste collection meeting factories' specific needs
  • Automated route planning without the need for human interaction
  • Step-by-step driver navigation on the factory floorplan
  • Data Analytics
rael time bin facility monitoring management


Sensoneo’s smart solutions portfolio includes tools for facility management to achieve operational efficiency and a great experience for occupants or employees. Sensoneo provides a variety of smart solutions that directly target cleanliness, timeliness, and flexibility – the critical attributes of facility management. Whether the goal is to ensure a pleasant environment, early intervention,  or save cost – facility managers can choose the tool that matches their preferences.


  • Cleaner spaces free of litter
  • On-time refill of diverse supplies
  • On-time waste collection availability
  • Strengthening safety and efficiency