Factory Waste Management Live Demo Vol.4

🌐 Join Us Online for Factory Waste Management Live Demo Vol. 4 🌐

📅 Date: March 7, 2024, Thursday 🕒 Time: 14:00 CET

🏭 Venue: Live online call from our Factory Waste Management Showroom at Headquarters

We continue in the tradition of our comprehensive live demos explaining our Factory Waste Management online from our showroom. The first three live demos, presenting our solution for waste management in factories, facilities, and fulfillment centers, were a great success when all together more than 60 companies from various industries and different corners of the world joined in. Do not miss the opportunity to join us during our fourth live demo in March 2024 and discover the benefits of data-driven waste management in your industry.

🌟 Live Presentation: Step virtually into our Factory Waste Management Showroom and witness the main benefits of our solution for the automation and digitalization of waste collection in factories, facilities, and fulfillment centers.

Event Highlights:

🏭 Industry Insights: We’ll guide you through the challenges of waste management in the manufacturing industry, providing valuable insights and solutions.

🛠️ Key Functionalities: Discover the powerful features of our tailor-made software platform designed to meet the unique demands of factories.

📲 Mobile Collection App: Learn about our innovative mobile collection app and how it streamlines waste collection processes.

📊 Powerful Data Analytics for ESG Reporting: Take a look at how we provide businesses with accurate and addressable waste data for ESG reports including metrics like Waste Diversion Rate, Contamination, Fullness Discrepancy or CO2 savings and overshoot.

Don’t miss this opportunity to gain a competitive edge and contribute to a sustainable future of your company. Secure your spot in our online presentation now:

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