Smart Factory Expo 2023

Sensoneo, a leading provider of waste management solutions, is excited to announce its participation as an exhibitor at Smart Factory Expo 2023 during Manufacturing and Engineering Week at NEC Birmingham on June 7-8, 2023.

At Stand L106 in the Smart Factory Expo hall, Sensoneo will present its state-of-the-art waste management solution, specifically designed to enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and assist manufacturers and producers in achieving their sustainability goals. With our innovative software and hardware, we aim to automate waste collection and enable just-in-time waste management in factories and production halls.

Sensoneo’s solution offers comprehensive waste traceability, providing valuable insights into the type, amount, and location of waste generated within facilities. By utilizing our technology, manufacturers can stay ahead of the curve and meet their sustainability Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), while simultaneously improving their waste diversion rate. Additionally, our solution helps prevent contamination, optimizes waste collection to save costs, and ensures uninterrupted workflow.

Moreover, the data gathered through our solution empowers organizations to implement targeted measures, such as employee training and education on proper waste sorting practices, thus fostering a culture of sustainability within their workforce.

“We are thrilled to be showcasing our innovative waste management solution at Smart Factory Expo 2023,” said Martin Basila, CEO at Sensoneo. “By providing real-time waste monitoring and actionable insights, we enable manufacturers to streamline their waste management processes, achieve their sustainability objectives, and make a positive impact on the environment.”

To learn more about Sensoneo’s waste management solution for factories, please visit our website at this link.

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