Reference: Ultrasonic bin sensors monitoring waste in Mollerussa, Spain

150 Number of sensors
1100 litres containers Type of bins
NB-IoT & LoRaWAN Connectivity

Ultrasonic bin sensors recently deployed in the town of Mollerussa in Spain

The lovely Catalonian town of Mollerussa located approximately 130 kilometers west of Barcelona, has implemented Sensoneo sensors into 1100 liters containers to pilot dynamic waste collection. The installation began already in the spring of 2022.

Some of the bins are equipped with LED advertisements in their front part – a specialty of our business partner Solar Outdoor Media, who also coordinated the installation. Connectivity of the smart project in Mollerussa is based on both LoRaWAN as well as NB-IoT.

A man is installing ultrasonic sensors in the containers in Mollerussa, Spain.


Motivations for deployment

Get a real-time overview of the current fill-levels

Avoid overflowing bins and mess around them

Optimize waste collection logistics