Smart Sensors – sustainable and resilient product design

We design sensors to last! Sensoneo is very proud of our in-house R&D for both hardware and software. Inhouse product design allows for wonderful freedom. When designing the waste monitoring sensors, there are 2 main objectives we follow – sustainability and resilience.

Smart Sensor is resilient

The sensor casing is designed to withstand the harshest conditions. Life in the trash container is not a picnic. It is a filthy environment, a lot of dust, rain and dirt.
We are IP69k certified. IP69 testing consists of a dust test and a water test. The casing withstands even the container cleaning with high-pressure water jets.

Even mounting must be fortified to withstand the rough handling by waste collection vehicle. We use brackets from stainless steel to mount the sensor in the container in the right position. Both sensor- bracket and bracket-container are attached and fastened by using rivets.

The ultrasound is much less susceptible to dust than other optical technologies used in waste monitoring. The accuracy of resonators decreases very little with dust layers setting on them. A good example is the parking sensor on your car. It does measure the distance even if your car is extra dirty.

Smart Sensor is sustainable

Replaceable batteries power Smart Sensors. It means we can prolongue the life span of a sensor rather than throw the whole thing away just because the battery is dead.

The sensor casing is from recyclable polyimide optical fibres. Such material is considered eco-design and helps with recycling. These small design features make the sensors a more sustainable product. The longer the sensor works, the less waste we produce.
Our eco-design was recognised as Circular Innovation of the year within MOVECO project (competition dedicated to support and highlight circular innovation in the region of central Europe).

Looking for a resilient and sustainable waste monitoring sensors? Look no further!

  • Jana Knoppova
  • Marketing Manager @ Sensoneo. Jana joined Sensoneo team in 2017. Since then she is responsible for Sensoneo brand, our presence at conferences and tradeshows. Jana also manages our online presence and all product launches.
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