Smart waste app for every city

Are you looking for ways to engage citizens in waste management? Have you considered a mobile app? We spent so much time on our phones every day. For most people, smartphone and apps are the main means of communication with brands and services they use every day. It starts with loyalty cards and mobile payment in a grocery store, fitness tracking during the day all the way to public services as transport schedules or parking spots.

Solve problems together

Give citizens chance to report a problem. When it comes to waste, it is one of those services that you do not notice unless it does not work properly. The right moment to engage citizen is when his need for a container is the most pressing – we want to throw out the trash and the bin is damaged or overflowing.

Give citizens a quick and easy way to report a problem with the bin. By providing real-time feedback via the app, citizens can help reduce overflowing and messy bins, making the city greener, cleaner and free of litter.

The feedback will go straight to the relevant person who can solve it.

Help them find an empty bin

Get an interactive map of all the bins in the city divided by trash type. If you have a map, you can navigate citizens to the nearest-available bin and enables them to be more environmentally responsible for waste disposal. You can share real-time data from waste monitoring on the map and navigate citizens to the nearest-available EMPTY bin.



Features of Citizen App

  • See all the bins on the map
  • Find nearest available bin
  • See how full is the bin
  • Find right bin for your waste type – general, glass, plastic, etc.
  • Discover the shortest route to the bin
  • Take a picture and report any problem with the bin


Citizen app – smart waste app for every city

We can adjust Citizen App according to your needs. Get yourselves your own waste app.  

Language – The app is available in English, Slovak, Czech and Arabic language at the moment. We can translate the app into your language so that citizens feel comfortable using it.

Design – The app is in Sensoneo colours (green) and there is Sensoneo logo. If you prefer to change a name, have the app in your colours and with your logo, we can accomodate it.

More information about Citizen App features is available at

Contact us at for a price offer.

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