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Sensoneo solution

Sensoneo’s smart IOT waste management solution enables cities and businesses to cost-efficiently manage the waste lifecycle, while also improving the environment and well-being of people. The innovative waste solution by Sensoneo is available worldwide via the network of Partners. The presence of a partner in any given region provides customers with an extra layer of customer service and allows Sensoneo to expand even faster. Many of our partners are businesses, such as network operators (TELCO, IoT), different system integrators, waste management companies, bin producers, and resellers.

Benefits of Smart Waste Management


Understand the waste you manage


Save costs


Improve health & safety (well-being of people)


Reduce OPEX


Be environmentally responsible

Enjoy great support

Sensoneo’s Partner Program offers three types of partnership levels, based on the respective achieved certification and includes discounts, cash-backs, and marketing support. In addition, the Partner Program includes well-designed training, available on Sensoneo’s Partner Hub, end-to-end sales support and a technical helpdesk (troubleshooting and diagnostics). The Sensoneo Partner Hub is also a repository of information and knowledge base for partners of all levels. It provides access to training, webinars, tutorials, product documentation (data sheets, manuals, installation guides), sales materials (presentations, case studies, sales templates) and marketing materials.

Partner Program levels


Sensoneo Partner


Sensoneo Partner


Sensoneo Partner

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Sensoneo is easy-to-sell

The unique IOT solution for waste management from Sensoneo is easy to sell. The global waste management market is growing and Sensoneo has proven the benefits of its unique IOT solution. Sensoneo’s software solution cost-efficiently manages the waste collection.  Through its real-time waste monitoring, Smart Analytics and Smart Route Planning, cities and businesses are enabled to take data-driven decisions to optimize the collection routes, pick-up frequency, and vehicle loads. Expected results are a waste collection cost reduction of at least 30%. Partners easily comprehend Sensoneo value proposition and the opportunities which this growing market provides.

The Global Solid Waste Management Market is set to reach USD 340 billion by 2024

Sensoneo is fast and easy-to-deploy

Sensoneo’s smart waste management solution is designed for fast and easy deployment. Time to delivery for a pilot program is only seven business days. The products’ open APIs enable easy integration to third party information systems, which is proven in customer & IOT operator Information Systems, and in technology partner solutions. Sensoneo is fully compatible with all reliable IOT networks (Sigfox, LoRa, NB-IOT), and also GSM and 4G LTE networks if required, enabling easy set-up of new sensors which takes only a few minutes.

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