SENSONEO became a winner of prestigious grant from the EIC Accelerator

Sensoneo, the provider of enterprise-grade smart waste management solutions, has been selected as one of the companies to win a prestigious EIC Accelerator grant, targeted to innovative technology projects supporting the objectives of the European Green Deal. In addition to the grant in the amount of 1,368 million intended for demonstration of the environmental and economic benefits resulting from large-scale deployment of the solution, the company also received an investment opportunity in the amount of 3 million euros from the European Innovation Council Equity Fund.

Sensoneo employees.

EIC Accelerator is part of the European Innovation Council (EIC) pilot that offers Europe’s brightest and boldest entrepreneurs the chance to step forward and request funding for breakthrough ideas with the potential to create entirely new markets or revolutionize existing ones.

Recent proposal opportunity was dedicated to projects supporting the Green Deal topic – i.e. concentrating on those innovations that fuel the societal transition towards sustainability while supporting EU’s competitiveness and leadership in clean technologies.

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More than 2000 innovative technologies from 38 European countries applied and only 64 of them made it to win the grant, following 2 step procedure made of assessment of the project by a group of independent evaluators and the hearing in front of a jury of investors, serial entrepreneurs, and professionals.

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Ivan Filus, National Contact Point for Innovation for SMEs in Horizon 2020: „To make it into final selection is a great success. Sensoneo has been only the second Slovak company since 2018 which succeeded and the only one that also received the funding opportunity from the European Innovation Council Equity Fund. Sensoneo clearly proved they belong to the world’s top-class with great market potential.

Project goals

  1. Large-scale deployment of Sensoneo solution in two European capitals to clearly demonstrate the significant economic and environmental benefits of data-driven waste management.
    Cities are reluctant to large-scale deployment of smart waste management solutions as there is no large-scale reference they could refer to. The project goal is to provide clear evidence of the impact on the economy, operations, and environment and it aims to become the ultimate smart waste management model case.
  2. Large-scale monitoring of WEEE waste, textile waste, and underground bins in order to optimize collection and prove precisely the savings on cost, kilometers, fuel, time, and emissions (Before-after situation). Without the knowledge of actual fill-levels in bins for specific commodities the collection often means unnecessary routing and cost, which are also threatening the recycling principles as in the case of full bins for recyclables, citizens are more likely to throw the waste to bins where it does not belong. Real need base collection via optimized routes can significantly improve the efficiency of the process.
  3. Completion of an R&D project: Fully automated “Pay as you throw” model. We want to complete and test an upgrade of our product portfolio with a tool that would facilitate the automatic recording of the amount of volume produced during the waste collection process without changing or prolonging it. We want the tool to enable the introduction of fully automated “Pay as you throw” incentives.
  4. Finalize the development of a sensor to identify waste contamination that will support the introduction of “Pay by sort” incentives. We want to finalize the development of a sensor able to identify the level of waste contamination (i.e. biowaste in solid municipal waste), test different variations of use, and define its measurement accuracy.

Progress of the project

The project has started in October of 2020. In this section, we will publish information related to the ongoing implementation of individual projects, the achievement of important milestones, and the evaluation of results.

Project in Bratislava, Slovakia launched

Bratislava launches large-scale #smartwaste deployment.
85 000 tagged and digitalized containers, 1753 containers with Sensoneo sensors and 92 waste trucks with WatchDog device.
Facts and info about the pilot project in Bratislava.

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Project in Prague, Czech Republic launched

Prague, CZ to pilot first large-scale dynamic waste collection planning powered by Sensoneo. 130k+ bins & containers, 150+ waste trucks and 1.3

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This project is co-funded by the Horizon2020 program of the European Innovation Council under Agreement no 101010676.

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