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Fleet Management Solution

Sensoneo’s Fleet Management platform offers easy-to-use daily management of vehicles and routes. Operators are given a detailed and complete overview of all the operations made in the field and in the depot including the progress status and cost, as well as the ability to real-time update the ongoing routes and locate the trucks on the map. The tool also includes the Garage Dashboard, Incident reports, and detailed Statistics including driving patterns.

A fleet of waste collectors can consist of more than a hundred trucks and it is very significant to maintain an overview of the fleet, in order to stay effective and efficient. Fleet Management Solution by Sensoneo is part of our Smart Waste Management System, powerful software cloud-based platform on Microsoft Azure cloud. Fleet management solution enables the customer to keep an overview of the waste management fleet – in real-time as well as in history. On top of that, the operator has the possibility to track the collection efficiency of each vehicle.

The Fleet Management solution’s reliability lies in accurate real-time data gathered from WatchDog – a device that facilitates automatic digitalization of the waste collection process. WatchDog uses highly innovative technologies to maximize data accuracy, ensure correct GPS tracking, and guarantee secure data backup. WatchDog offers a wide range of communication interfaces, e.g. integrated dynamic weighting system, driver identification through RFID chip reader, extensive driver navigation, CAN bus connectivity for vehicle telemetry or waste extension, industrial buttons, buzzer, and light to create signals or alerts to staff. Tagging the collected bins with Sensoneo’s RFID tags or stickers allows automatic service verification. Should the customer uses a different “GPS solution”, Fleet Management can be easily integrated.

The Fleet Management solution can be easily combined with Sensoneo’s Route Planning Solution to maximize fleet efficiency. Route Planning solution enables to automate the scheduling of the waste collection routes, based on precise pre-defined data regarding waste collection vehicles, depots, and landfills/ incineration sides. The aim is that every single waste collection route is planned to maximize the utilization of resources and minimize the costs needed to perform the job.


See the current location, status, and speed of your trucks in real-time


Track and trace the exact route of your vehicles


Look at the specific location and time in the past for each vehicle

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Fleet management

Fleet management

Fleet management solution belongs to one of the best tools to control the effectiveness of your waste fleet. It provides control and an overview of all vehicles under your management. We can track which of the registered waste vehicles is currently in the depot, which is in the field, and at what speed. Another advantage is the possibility to check exactly the route where the truck was driving and at what time it was located at the specific address.

Real-time overview of your trucks
Fleet management
Route Planning Engine
Route Planning Engine

Route Planning Engine

Route Planning Engine is a result of in-house R&D.  We worked tirelessly to build an engine that understands the complex dynamics of the waste collection even in a large city (hundreds of vehicles, thousands of bins).
The Engine can accommodate multiple rules and count in different variables (vehicle capacity, bin capacity, trash type, bin type, work schedule) to get you the routes you need. You can plan both scheduled or on-demand pickups.

Fast route calculation
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Driver Navigation App

Driver Navigation App

The operator sends scheduled routes to drivers via Driver Navigation App – a mobile app for Android devices. The driver receives an itinerary for the route and the app provides step-by-step navigation.

Sensoneo uses GPS localization in Android mobile devices with Driver Navigation mobile app to track collection trucks on the route. The ongoing route is visible in the Smart waste management system. The operator can adjust the ongoing route and send an updated itinerary to the driver. The tool compares planned and executed routes. The driver can report any problem he encounters while on the route via Driver Navigation App to Operator.

The Driver Navigation App provides turn-by-turn voice-guided navigation via the shortest, completely safe, and most accessible route. More efficient routes help minimize the negative impacts of waste collection in the city with less noise pollution, less air pollution, and fewer traffic congestions.

Live route tracking
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Driver Navigation App