You get smarter, waste gets smarter

I am frequently asked what does smart waste management actually mean. It seems Smart city is a buzz world touring the world, but only a few truly understand why something is smart – smart parking, smart waste, smart traffic. For some reason, people have mistakenly coincided that the key component of a smart city is the introduction of technology.

For example, smart waste seems to represent permanent notifications and lighting displays.  This perception is mistaken and superficial. Getting a notification when your #bin becomes 80% full is not really very #smart – first of all it does not give you time to react and take steps, and secondly, there is not enough data available to benefit operator and allow you to make a strategic decision.

Truly smart waste brings the ability to KNOW everything that is going on with the #waste you manage. The aim is to manage waste more effectively and efficiently – i.e. smarter. Bringing technology and data to your existing process are supposed to provide insight and improve existing processes.

You can make your life easier, your management more cost-efficient and quality of service you provide higher.

Let me give you an example.

You have 5 000 bins you are responsible for. There are bins for general waste, paper and glass waste. How did you decide on the capacity of each bin? Was it a data-driven decision? In a world with Smart waste solution, you have a look at historical data. You follow up on how much waste you collect from the bin and how long is the filling cycle. Next, you compare the bin data to an average of all the bins in the area (same trash type, same volume).
If the difference is great, you consider adjusting bin capacity.

You want to decrease waste collection costs. There are two options: 1. increase capacity and prolong waste collection cycle or 2. buy a new large car and decrease number of waste collection routes. Using waste data you can calculate initial investment and overall costs savings, compare two options and choose the right one.


You get smarter, waste gets smarter.

Smart waste solution provides data. You get a better understanding of the waste you manage. When you understand the waste, you can work smarter – save time, save costs and provide better service.


  • Andrea Basilova
  • Andrea takes care of all Sensoneo’s online and offline communication. Her goal is to make Sensoneo a strong brand recognized across global smart waste management market. Her background in marketing and PR enables her to be the perfect advocate for the Sensoneo solution.
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