How to dispose of hazardous waste?

Generally, disposing hazardous waste is not a glamorous task, it requires unique protocols for its disposal as compared with the usual waste thrown out with regular trash and recycling facility. Failing to properly dispose of hazardous waste may result in causing serious harm to the environment and human health. The dangers posed by hazardous waste are far-reaching. In case of improper disposal, there is a probability that this material to corrode containers, catch fire, release toxic fumes, cause explosions, and can even contaminate groundwater. Thus, it is essential to properly dispose of hazardous waste in line with the legal hazardous waste regulations.

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At household

The scale of household hazardous waste is much less than the workplaces waste. Thus, by making an effort you can properly dispose of the toxic trash. There are certain ways through which you can get rid of hazardous waste at a household:

You need to research the hazardous disposal laws in your country because every country has different laws and legal requirements.

You should always read the product’s label and general directions on how to store, handle and dispose of the hazardous material.

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You should contact your local waste management company and ask them if they provide pick-ups for hazardous materials. If so, schedule a home pick-up. Also, ask for a complete breakdown of materials that fall in the category of hazardous waste so that you don’t accidentally leave any hazardous substance home.

Find hazardous waste drop-off location. There are specially designed household waste drop-off sites and by searching online “household waste disposal sites near me” you can find hazardous waste disposal sites easily and quickly.

Another option offered by waste management facilities is to request mail recycling kits. These kits are specifically useful if you live in an area that does not have any waste management facility. For availing waste management mail-in service you simply need to enter a zip code only if you are eligible for this service. If you are eligible, you will be provided with a special container for putting hazardous items in it.

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At workplace

All workplaces have some level of onsite hazardous waste. Usually, hazardous waste generators are responsible for disposing of hazardous waste efficiently or if there is the production of any hazardous by-product in the workplace then it is legally essential to dispose of it through proper channels. There are five simple steps for responsibly disposing of hazardous waste at the workplace.

  • Step 1: Classification of your waste for checking if its hazardous on the basis of processes that produces this waste, substance’s names and risk associated with the waste, and its physical and chemical analysis
  • Step 2: Before the transportation of hazardous waste, it is essential to segregate and store it for a short period of time
  • Step 3: Use an authorized waste carrier for the collection, recycling, and disposing of the hazardous waste
  • Step 4: Consignment notes should be used for moving hazardous waste until it reaches the final destination
  • Step 5: Keeping records for at least three years at the premises that stored and produced the waste.

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