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Sensoneo Smart Analytics

Smart Analytics is an analytical and reporting tool which enables you to „understand” the waste you manage and make data-driven, strategic decisions. There are several different points of view in Smart Analytics to see and understand statistics, reports, and measurements related to the monitored bins and their content.

First, understand the waste you manage and then manage it better based on data.


Analyze the pickup frequency/efficiency


Analyze the collection routes frequency/efficiency


Optimize bin/ stand capacity to eliminate overflowing bins


Optimize pickup frequency for a bin, stand, street


See where you can improve your services


Optimize bin/stand location to actual needs

Get valuable insight

Get valuable insight

No assumptions, no hypothesis. Select a specific part of your city and a time period to analyze the dynamics and behaviour of the bins and their users. Find out how particular streets produce waste, which waste commodities become full earlier, what is the ratio between mixed waste and separables and whether the capacity of the bins is being fully used.


How efficicient is the waste collection?

Waste monitoring can accurately prove the efficiency level of your current pick-up policy. Do you know what the average fill-level of bins during your pickups is? With Sensoneo, you can check the percentage for each pickup per particular bin.

How efficicient is the waste collection?

Get control over the waste you manage. Let's build a greener, cleaner city free of litter.

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