Reference: Monitoring WEEE Bins with smart sensors

36 000 tones EEE waste collected in 2020
20 756 km2 Area managed
3 910 containers No of bins managed

Customer description

ASEKOL a.s. is a non-profit company that organizes a nationwide take-back system for electrical and electronic equipment (EEE) in the Czech republic. It provides collection, transport, and recycling of worn-out and obsolete EEE, including funding for the entire system. ASEKOL A.S. is a proud member of the Publicly Beneficial Services Association and WEEE Forum, a European association of compliance schemes, based in Brussels.

ASEKOL a.s. in numbers:
36 000 tonnes of EEE waste collected in 2019
20 756 collection points set up across 78,865 km²
3 910 containers managing remotely

Problem description

ASEKOL A.S. currently manages 3 910 stationary containers throughout the Czech Republic. Due to the high number of containers, significant distances between them, and the fact that ASEKOL has several transport companies contracted in different regions, the company was searching for a suitable solution that would enable centralized monitoring of the containers and make the collection process smoother and better organized.

Expectations from Sensoneo

  • Ability to real-time online monitoring of fill-levels of the monitored bins
  • Avoid overflowing bins
  • Ensure on-time waste collection
  • Provide statistics on fill-level cycles in particular areas to better distribute the bins

Deployment of Sensoneo solution

The cooperation with ASEKOL A.S. began back in 2016 when as part of a pilot project, we installed 50 Sensoneo Smart Sensors in their WEEE bins. The specific requirement to mount (attach) the sensor in the container started the in-house development of a special mounting assembly, that let ASEKOL a.s take advantage of the full functionality of the Sensoneo Smart Sensors and obtain precise information about the monitored containers.

Satisfaction with the results later led to the project expanding several times until it reached a large scale. Currently, Asekol uses nearly 1000 Sensoneo sensors in bins located across Czech republic. The data from sensors significantly help the company to optimize the entire method of collecting and transporting electronic waste.


What the Sensoneo solution included

1. Sensoneo Smart Sensors – robust ultrasonic devices monitoring the fill-levels of monitoring containers on requested frequency – 3 times a day

2. Sensoneo Citizen app – user-friendly app available for Android and iOS that enables Asekol employees to configure, monitor and manage the containers in the field

3. Sensoneo Smart Analytics a powerful BI tool that provides deep-dive insights helping Asekol employees to make data-driven decisions on improving their container infrastructure (locations, capacities, collection schedules)

“We have at our disposal a user-friendly and easy-to-use environment allowing us to monitor the individual locations where sensors are placed. We remotely manage nearly 4000 bins spread across 78,865 km² and we outsource most of the collection to local partners. Sensoneo tools enable us to set the right pickup frequency, optimize bin distribution, manage costs, and receive service verification without unnecessary fieldwork. Digital tools from Sensoneo make everyday management easier and records transparent.”

Sarka Kohakova Logistics Manager at Asekol CZ