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Extended Producer Responsibility

Monitoring of e-waste bins with our ultrasonic sensors which send the real-time data to Sensoneo’s Smart Waste Management Software System, a powerful cloud-based platform, for data-driven daily operations. Illustration

Waste Monitoring

Sensoneo Waste Monitoring solution allows waste collectors of different waste streams like oil, textile, or e-waste to uncover and understand the complex dynamics of their waste production:

  • Collect only full bins and containers
  • Avoid overflowing bins and unnecessary routing
  • Get an accurate overview of waste production and provide a better quality of service
There are 3 mobile applications for the take-back system operators, which are very similar in design and structure, but each has different functionalities. 1. Collection Point Portal and Mobile App 2. Logistic Partner Portal and Mobile App 3. Processing facility Portal and Mobile App Illustration

Take-Back System

Discover a comprehensive end-to-end software solution designed for the specific needs of Extended Producer Responsibility programs:

  • Smart tools for all stakeholders in a take-back system: Operator, Collection Points, Logistics Partners, and Processing sites
  • Ease transport planning, data collection, and waste traceability
  • Simplify invoicing, service verification, and reporting