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Municipal Waste Collection

smart waste monitoring municipal waste collection Illustration

Waste Monitoring

Sensoneo Waste Monitoring solution allows cities and businesses to uncover and understand the complex dynamics of their waste production:

  • Collect only full bins and containers
  • Avoid overflowing bins and unnecessary routing
  • Get an accurate overview of waste production and provide a better quality of service
bin access management municipal waste collection Illustration

Bin Access Management

Sensoneo Bin Access Management solution ensures that only authorized people can access the bins:

  • Easy remote access management, suitable for any bin
  • Facilitating the introduction of PAYT for apartment buildings
  • The solution is batteries-powered and does not alter the aesthetics of waste containers or their surroundings
route planning municipal waste collection Illustration

Route Planning & Driver App

Sensoneo Route Planning solution enables you to optimize and automate the planning of waste collection routes:

  • Automate the management of waste collection routes, optimize collection routes, frequencies, and vehicle loads
  • Optimize the use of resources (fleet, FTEs, time) and reduce the costs
  • Navigate drivers with a mobile app designed for their specific needs
waste asset management municipal waste collection Illustration

Waste Asset Management

Sensoneo Asset Management solution allows cities and businesses to get a clear understanding of the complex bin infrastructure they manage:

  • Identify and record all assets in a digital inventor
  • Simplify billing & customer communication, get an overview of citizen feedback
  • Maintenance and collection records, prevent frauds