Automating waste collection in factories

Unlock on-time waste collection via automated route scheduling and Driver navigation app

Cutting, clipping, residuals, and leftovers – waste and trash are an inevitable side-effect of any industrial production. To make its collection and disposal the least disturbing, the right timing and smooth processes are required. Sensoneo’s solution for factories minimizes disruptions of the production and automates the management of waste collection based on the floorplan, precise pre-defined data about the fleet, schedules, depots, and discharges.

Ideal for:

  • Factories, manufacturies, and production plants

Technology & Features

  • The solution includes IoT buttons or Sensoneo Smart Sensors for manual or automatic identification of full bins, and Sensoneo’s platform which collects all the data, full bin requests, and calculates the most optimal routes.
  • The Operator has full remote control of the waste collection operation. Collection App for drivers navigates according to the factory floor plan and records feedback.
  • Smart Analytics provide usefull insights and reports to make wise strategic decisions


  • Just-in-Time waste collection
  • Automation of route scheduling to eliminate most human tasks
  • Calculation of fastest routes based on the factory floor plan
  • Feeding live updates and notifications on unexpected events to Operators
Packages of boxes in a warehouse.