How to recycle tires?

A tire is a hollow inflated ring that consists of a protected outer covering enclosing an internal tube that is fitted over the rim of a road vehicle’s wheel to provide traction and mitigate road shocks. Human beings are utilizing tires since 1888. In the present day, tires have become a necessity for every vehicle moving on the road. As the consumption rate is more, the waste generation is also extensive. Same as human beings, the tires also have a life span after which they become irreparable, old, and worn out. The United States annually sends 246 to 300 million end-of-life tires to waste. Thus, the question arises “How to dispose of tires?” and “How to manage this waste?” in such a way as to stop them from accumulating in the environment and reduce pollution caused by them.

Old used tires in large capacity container.

There are a number of different ways by which we can dispose of tires and manage the waste created by them:


Since the number of tires in landfills is increasing day by day, people are trying to manage this waste by reusing them. Management of old tires can be done by shifting them to sports clubs, zoos, and playparks. These tires could be used by athletes, military personnel, and gymnasts for exercising in open air or the forest, some use them for growing plants, tires are also used in making swings for children at home.

Tires which were reused as a flower pot.


Today there exist a few people who do not own automobiles. The old and worn-out tires can also be recycled instead of dumping them into landfill sites. Tire recycling can be accomplished by converting the old tires into constituents that can be employed to create new products. History depicts that recycling tires are the best way to reduce environmental pollution caused by tires. Recycling this scrap does not accumulate in our environment but instead gets converted into something new. Although, the cost to recycle tires is not small but proper management of this waste matters a lot to environmentalists. In recycling:

  • The tires are first collected at a specific point or a location.
  • After that the tires are shredded into smaller pieces.
  • Cryogenic systems shred the rubber into smaller chips by freezing rubber at a very low temperature.
  • Now the steel portions are separated from the tires.
  • After separation of steel wires, the rubber is cleaned and packaged for transportation to the factory to create new tires.

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Recycled tires to turf.


Another exciting option for creative artists is to use these scrap tires for making artworks, sculptures, and DIY projects.


Another method which will not cost you the recycling of tire is to get it exchanged from a nearby garage and get a new one for your automobile. This is a very cost-effective method as you will get a new tyre in exchange of the old worn-out tire and they will handle this waste through recycling and signing contracts with companies to recycle the junk. You can also get rid of this scrap by contracting with recycling firms to get your tire recycled at a low cost.

Dozens of used tires are in the pile.