6 best features of Sensoneo smart ultrasonic bin sensors supporting data-driven waste management

Nowadays, there are lots of hardware products, when it comes to sensorics. Sensoneo is already active more than 5 years in the business of smart waste management and we are already fully aware that it is not an easy task to produce durable and well-measuring ultrasonic sensors in large quantities. Let us face the truth, these days almost every skillful student can produce electronics. But many valuable experiences is needed in order to produce electronic devices that will survive in the harsh conditions which are very typical for the world of waste management. We have put together 6 best and most important features of our ultrasonic bin sensors for remote waste monitoring distinguishing themselves from the smart waste competition on the market.


Robustness and resistance are one of the main characteristics of our ultrasound sensors for the remote measurement of the fill-level. Our sensors are ultrasonic, robust, water and shock resistant, fully functional within wide temperature range, dispose of fire and tilt alert and are set for the measurement from 3cm up to 400cm. Every single sensor we produce is made in the EU. We make no compromises on this and ensuring the top quality service that our customers deserve is our highest principle. 

Resistance of our devices was recently proven in a case that occured at the stand of the underground bins during New Year’s evening. Sensoneo sensor survived the fire and it was still working! Waste is often the object of public vandalism. When designing any product for the demanding environment of the waste management industry, you have to consider not only the wide range of temperatures, shocks, and dirt but also these kinds of unpleasant situations. Our ultrasonic sensors with IP69 casing are built to withstand everything that it takes to survive in the field. That is why the sensors have even survived the fire caused by flares during New Year’s celebrations – and they still measure!


Very important aspect of data-driven waste management and challenge in this business is to transfer data from every corner of the country. That is why we do not limit customers to a certain network, because at the end of the day, customers do not care about the network itselft, but solely about the data. Based on those they can make quality data-driven decisions. Smart Sensors from Sensoneo can be connected to a variety of IoT networks – Sigfox, LoRaWAN (known also as Lora), NB-IOT and the Cat-M wireless technology network. If an Internet of Things network is not the right fit for the customer, transmition via GPRS is the safe option. Payload and network communication is encrypted on two levels preventing false use of Sensoneo Sensors for DDOS attacks.

Smart Sensors from Sensoneo can be connected to a variety of IoT networks – Sigfox, LoRaWAN (known also as Lora), NB-IOT and the Cat-M wireless technology network.


One of the most decisive factors, when it comes to the deployment of waste monitoring sensors into the containers is a reliable production and deployment in mass. Producing and installing one single sensor is a piece of cake, but imagine producing 1000 or 5000 pieces. Production of sensors in such quantities is based on very well-tuned processes and sophisticated quality assurance of every single product. Imagine producing 5000 sensors and develop 5% of defective pieces out of it. Some might say that 5% is a negligible number, but it means 100 wrongly developed products in this case – customers will never trust your hardware again. Therefore, producing electronic devices for the waste management industry is a huge challenge. All customers should properly consider from which company are they buying their products.

Sensoneo ultrasonic sensors will be also deployed within the largest smart waste installation in Europe, which will take place in Madrid and will include more than 11.000 Sensoneo sensors for waste fill-level monitoring.

Production of ultrasonic fill-level monitoring bin sensors in large scale.


Sensoneo can monitor any type of waste, including liquids; so the customers can feel perfectly comfortable whether they manage mixed waste, clothing, electronics, glass, bio waste, or anything else. Sensoneo can install the sensors into any bins, no matter if they’re 1000l containers, small city bins, semi-underground containers, or even unusual bins of own production. Over the past years in the business of smart waste management, we have deployed our ultrasonic sensors into all kinds of environments, for example silos, big compactor, borehole, containers for old books, bins in a hospital or even into shredding boxes in a bank. We can install the sensors into all of these environments and the customer will be getting the same benefit out of it. Another versatility advantage regarding the software part: customers should not be afraid that Sensoneo will break their current waste management systems. It can be easily integrated, so the customers can combine the benefits they need.


Deployment of the Sensoneo solution is incredibly simple, if customer prefer, they can even configure the solution by themselves. Usage of the solution is highly user friendly and very intuitive – this is what we kept hearing from our customers. For instance, very good definition of the sensors deployment was offered by Juraj Kunak, CEO of textile waste collector Ekocharita. This is what he said about the installation of Sensoneo ultrasonic sensors to their containers on their own:

We have installed the sensors on our own, following a 2-hours training from Sensoneo, and we were surprised by how easy it was – it takes less than 5 minutes to install and set up the sensor.

Ekocharita is currently using remote monitoring for the detection of the fill-level in more than 600 bins with the objective of more effective textile waste collection. 


Trash, garbage, cans or glass bottles all around the bin – one of the solution tackling is this issue is also our Citizen App involving people into the waste management cycle. By using our app available for free on iOS and Android, citizens can easily find the nearest required type of container, see the real-time fill-level of the bin and instantly notify the waste collection company of any problem at any container stand.

Thereby citizens are keeping communities cleaner, free of trash and maintaining an efficient waste management cycle. Monitoring bins in cities and towns of all sizes with smart sensors is a wonderful opportunity how to engage citizens more into the waste policy of the municipality, motivate them to lower their waste production and increase their interest for a responsible approach to recycling. Our developers may even create a custom software solution to get closer to your citizens.

A glass container with lots of glass bottles placed next to the container.
A man holding a phone and standing on the street. A hand holding a phone with our Sensoneo citizen app.
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