Reference: One of the largest smart waste deployments in South America in Buenos Aires, Argentina

2.000 Number of sensors
Plastic Type of waste
NB-IoT & LoRaWAN Connectivity

2.000 smart sensors monitoring fill-levels of containers in Buenos Aires

After numerous large-scale smart waste deployments in Europe, opening a Joint Venture in USA with lots of successful pilots and following several interesting projects in MENA region, Sensoneo smart waste solutions are about to be a part of a large-scale deployment also in LATAM region.

City of Buenos Aires, capital and largest city of Argentina is deploying 2.000 smart ultrasonic bin sensors by Sensoneo into containers with plastic waste. Sensors are being installed into 1100 litres types of containers, as well as semi-underground bins. The main objective of these installations is the fill-level monitoring of bins for plastic in order to maximize the efficiency of the collection avoiding pick-ups of half-empty bins.

sensoneo urbetrack smart waste deployment buenos aires

City of Buenos Aires and Sensoneo partner and technical provider of the installations Urbetrack have decided for Sensoneo waste monitoring sensors based on the positive experience with a testing phase with the Sensoneo starter kit. One of the main factors that was decisive in the selection process was connectivity and possibility of Sensoneo sensors to work both on NB-IoT, as well as LoRaWAN.

sensoneo urbetrack buenos aires argentina smart waste project

Metropolitan area of Buenos Aires with population of more than 13 million is considered as a second largest in South America after the Brazilian São Paulo. Waste management in Argentinian capital is on a very high-class level and has been recognized by several international awards.

Find out more about the waste collection situation in the city of Buenos Aires in articles by La Nacion or Infobae.

sensoneo large scale deployment of ultrasonic bin sensors argentina buenos aires