Partner Network – Telelink, Bulgaria

Sensoneo solutions for smart waste management are available worldwide via the network of Reseller Partners. The presence of a reseller partner in any given region provides customers with an extra layer of customer service and allows Sensoneo to expand even faster. Many of our reseller partners are businesses, such as network operators (TELCO, IoT), different system integrators, waste management companies, bin producers, and resellers.

It is our pleasure to introduce one of our partners –  Telelink Infra Services based in Sofia, Bulgaria and learn more about their expertise and background. We spoke to Nadejda Grigorova, Sales and Business Development Manager at TELELINK INFRA SERVICES. Always a pleasure.

Where lies your expertise?

Our core business focuses on design and construction of network infrastructure, complete range of integrated security solutions and critical infrastructure protection systems together with developing and implementing future-proof smart technologies.

Telelink Infra Services employs more than 300 talents across Europe. We have an in-house team of certified project managers, professional certified engineers and designers, software developers, site managers and experts, trained to work within and across vendors and technologies.

The headquarters of Telelink company.

How long have you been on the market? 

We started back in 2001 as part of Telelink Group, commissioned as a subcontractor for the network rollout of Bulgaria’s leading mobile network operator. We have continuously expanded our expertise and geographical reach over the years.

In 2017 Telelink Infra Services was incorporated as a separate company introducing a new logo and brand identity as a result of Telelink’s business reorganization. Headquartered in Bulgaria, today Telelink Infra Services have offices in North Macedonia, Albania, Germany and the United Kingdom.

Who are your customers? What industry or region are you active in?

We serve hundreds of customers within the telecom, industry and public sectors across Europe, simplifying complex engineering solutions tailored to meet and exceed the needs of each project’s specifications.

We deliver customized engineering and management services to ensure leading-class performance in terms of insights, compliance, costs and execution.

What sparked your interest in Smart Waste? Why did you choose Sensoneo to be your partner in Smart Waste?

There are many aspects of the smart city concept that comes to mind. The waste is one that can have a huge impact. The industry is rather traditional and not so attractive for innovations. Therefore, the improvement that the introduction of data-driven practices can bring is remarkable. And we want to be a part of this process.

Telelink and Sensoneo employees from the Partner Training in Sofia.
Telelink is a Certified Reseller Partner. Photo memory from the Partner Training in Sofia.

What seems to be the problem customers come to you with (for Sensoneo solution)?

Introducing a smart waste solution requires a lot of effort and adjustments in the company. Our customers need a reliable and proven solution. They are experts in what they do, and they set the bar high.

The waste collection is an expensive service. All stakeholders are excited to drive efficiency and thus the save costs.

How would you describe the Waste industry in your region? 

There are some established companies and practices in the field of collection, sorting and recycling. The innovations are available and the industry is slowly waking up and opening up to exploring these innovations and the implications they could have for the business. Besides waste collection optimization, the circular economy is another lively topic these days.

Join the waste revolution. Become Sensoneo partner.

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