Specific Waste – Electronic Waste

Keep up with unpredictable filling cycle

WEEE can be taken back either via collection points such as shops and service centers, but also through containers distributed across frequent city locations. Collecting such bins usually require a vehicle with a hydraulic arm which means extra costs and time – and these multiply if the containers are only half-full.

Ideal for

  • Containers for Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment (WEEE)

Technology used

  • Update on fill level with Smart Sensors (Quatro Sensor) up to 6 times a day
  • Fire and tilt alarm
  • Service verification using Smart Tags with digital timestamp


  • Eliminate collection of half-empty containers – with the unpredictable filling cycle of such specific containers, remote monitoring is the key to the on-time collection.
  • Ensure the containers are not being left overfilled – the precious WEEE might end up elsewhere
  • Optimize your waste collection routes to maximize the use of resources and minimize the environmental impact of waste collection.