Reference: Digitizing Bins for Producer Responsibility Organization

7 000+ customers
49 000 km2 area
150k bins managed

Company description

The extended producer responsibility organization (EPR) NATUR-PACK, a. s. ensures for the producers of specified products who are active on the market in the Slovak Republic, the performance of all obligations related to the recovery and recycling of packaging waste that result from the extended producer responsibility in compliance with the Waste Act. The services are utilized by more than 7 thousand clients (companies).

Problem description

Naturpack activities are nationwide. They cooperate with a couple dozen local waste management companies and use their network of waste bins dedicated to recyclables (glass, paper, plastics). Thousands of bins are distributed in approximately 49 000 km2. Such a great area with a large number of bins and many partners is a challenging ecosystem to manage.  

Expectations from Sensoneo


Visualization of ecosystem


Interactive bin map


Centralized bin inventory


Assessment of bin infrastructure

Bin Infrastructure Digitization

Asset Management solution is a smart enterprise-grade solution for cities and businesses to digitalize bin inventory, to cost-efficiently manage bin distribution and make data-driven decisions. It includes a digital map and street view, bin inventory, bin location optimization (capacity, cost), maintenance evidence and a cost planning tool.

Naturpack manage tens of thousands of bins all across the country (49k km2) for all different commodities – glass, paper, plastics. In September 2018, the first 17 500 bins were added to the Sensoneo Platform.

Recycled cardboard paper.

Detailed inventory

Detailed inventory includes GPS location, capacity, waste and bin type, pick-up time, and the price for a pick-up of each bin. This allows Naturpack to have a centralized and unified bin inventory sourced from all the waste management companies they cooperate with.

Interactive digital map

Naturpack sees all the bins in Slovakia, no matter which waste company manages them. This allows Naturpack to think on a national, regional, or local scale rather than a “waste management company” region scale.

All bins are visible on the map – the exact bin location and type of waste (colour differentiation). Filters allow you to see specific bins. Next to the map, the operator sees a detailed bin inventory for the bins on the map. Street view allows you to visit any bin on the map virtually.

Mockup of Sensoneo software system platform.

Assessment of bin infrastructure

Ensure optimal distribution of bins. A map with a detailed bin inventory allows Naturpack to identify areas with dense bin distribution and areas with sparse bin distribution. The key goal is to have all trash types represented within a stand, to eliminate expensive stand pick-up (long drive).

Estimate waste collection costs

Naturpack does not collect bins. Contracted waste management companies collect waste.

Based on the location and waste type, Naturpack can model different collection routes and the system calculates the costs. This way they can identify bins that drive collection costs up and adjust bin capacities or bin locations to decrease kilometres and waste collection costs.

A waste truck with a hydraulic arm is collecting waste from semi-underground bins in a city.


One system for all regional offices

No more excel sheets and fragmented bin inventory among regional offices. One system where Naturpack can see the big picture as well as small local ones. Asset Management & Sensoneo Platform make everyday asset management easier and faster, and the information more accessible.

Control over bin network

One Naturpack has all the data in one place; the system provides insights on a silver platter. Get answers in just a few clicks – What capacity for glass is there in this region? Are all commodities represented in the stand? What drives collection costs up in my area? We want 2 more tons of paper – which locations are underserved and need more bins?


Such a great area with a large number of bins and many partners is a challenging ecosystem to manage. Sensoneo solution enables transparency between Naturpack and waste management companies they contract to collect waste.