Sensoneo received the Energy Globe Award

Bratislava – Sensoneo, a technology company based in Slovakia received the renowned Energy Globe Award for its innovative solutions in the field of waste management and outstanding contribution to the circular economy with its unique software system for Deposit Return Systems. The recognition is a testament to Sensoneo’s commitment to pioneering world-class solutions that drive positive environmental impact.

The Energy Globe Award was handed over to the Founders of Sensoneo, Andrea Basilova and Martin Basila, by the Commercial Counsellor of the Austrian Embassy and Head of ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA in Bratislava, Ms. Bettina Trojer, in an official celebration event today at the company’s headquarters in the heart of the Slovak capital in the presence of the Ambassador of Austria, Dr. Johannes Wimmer.

Ms. Trojer emphasized, ” Sensoneo developed high-tech solutions for the transformation towards a more circular economy. By optimizing waste collection and reducing environmental impact Sensoneo proves its pioneering spirit for a more sustainable and efficient approach to waste management worldwide. In recognition of this achievement, I am honoured to present the company’s founders with this prestigious award.”

Sensoneo, a global leader in smart waste management solutions, specializes in the development and export of unique technologies for intelligent waste management to 85 countries worldwide. Currently boasting a workforce of over 110 employees predominantly engaged in research and development, Sensoneo has crafted a distinctive software system for the Deposit Return System (DRS), adaptable to the specific requirements of different countries. As the sole DRS integrator operating in five European countries – Slovakia, Malta, Ireland, and recently implementing the world’s largest centralized DRS in Romania – Sensoneo is now in the process of implementing DRS in another Central European country.

The company’s income comes from three separate divisions: comprehensive smart waste collection solutions that include the company’s own sensors, optimization of waste collection logistics in factories, and solution for Deposit Return System (DRS). Intelligent waste monitoring is used by cities such as Buenos Aires, Reykjavik, Trieste, and Prague. Sensoneo is also currently building the largest smart waste installation worldwide, which is being launched this year in Madrid, by deploying more than 11 thousand smart sensors to monitor various types of waste in the city. Sensoneo’s solutions can reduce waste collection costs by 20% and the time required to collect 1 tonne of material by 30%. Customers achieve 30-63% reduction in waste collection routes and 97% accuracy of actual waste production. The Energy Globe Foundation specifically highlighted the example of Ekocharita, a textile waste collector, which has completely changed the way it operates and achieved a return on investment in 7 months thanks to Sensoneo.

“We are immensely proud to receive the Energy Globe Award, a symbol of our dedication to developing first-class technology and innovation contributing to sustainability. Our team works tirelessly to develop and implement solutions that not only streamline waste management processes but also actively contribute to a circular economy. This prestigious award serves as a validation of our commitment and motivates us to continue pushing boundaries in environmental innovation,” said Martin Basila, the CEO and Co-Founder of Sensoneo.

The Energy Globe Award is an Environmental Prize awarded annually in more than 180 countries by the non-profit organization Energy Globe, based in Austria. It aims to highlight and reward projects that focus on energy efficiency, sustainability, and the utilization of renewable energy. The goal of the award is to showcase innovative solutions to environmental problems worldwide. The Energy Globe database currently contains approximately 30,000 projects, derived from applications submitted between 2000 and 2022. These projects represent successful worldwide implementations in various fields.

  • Martin Kosak
  • Marketing Manager @ Sensoneo. Martin joined Sensoneo team in August 2021. Since then he is responsible for Sensoneo brand, our presence at conferences and tradeshows. Martin also manages our online presence and all product launches.
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