"Our decision to use the Sensoneo solution was strictly economical – when we provide our services, we truly would like to fulfill the motto: Collect the waste, not the containers". Sensoneo has met our expectations and its purpose and effectiveness is growing in a number of installations. We have an exact overview of the fullness of the containers and we can react accordingly. The waste collection vehicles are only traveling to those containers that really need it based on signals from Sensoneo. Working with the application is easy, practical, and user friendly; which is especially welcomed by our employees. The highest value of this solution is the significant savings of the cost; and this way we can continuously monitor the status of our containers and how the work is progressing.

Ing.Ladislav Peniaško

Director of Nitra
communal services (NKS)

Town of NITRA

  • The first pilot cooperation and first customer of the SENSONEO solution in Slovakia
  • Slovak county town with approximately 80.000 residents
  • The town of Nitra is the owner of the Nitra communal services (NKS) – which maintains and provides communal services in the town and its suburbs.
  • NKS employs 82 employees and provides the following services: supply of containers, collection of mixed waste containers, waste separation, composting.
  • The company is internationally certified ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.


  • NKS were actively seeking to optimize their services and reduce their environmental impact
  • These intentions have motivated the company to try the benefits of SENSONEO
  • Pilot cooperation began in March 2015, when the first sensors were installed in some of the trial containers
  • When the benefits of the SENSONEO solution were proven, they decided to extend the pilot project
  • Positive experiences with Sensoneo solution have resulted in a long-term bilateral relationship. Nitra communal services became the first customer in Slovakia in March 2016 and since then has been enlarging the number of Sensoneo installations