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Type of customer: organizer of a state-wide take-back system for electrical and electronic equipment (EEE)
Greatest benefit: Access to high added-value data helping the company to make strategic decisions

ASEKOL is a non-profit company which organises a nation-wide take-back system for electrical and electronic equipment (EEE) in the Czech republic. It provides collection, transport and recycling of worn-out and obsolete EEE, including funding for the entire system. Its contract-based services are used by manufacturers and importers of such equipment. ASEKOL closely co-operates with cities and towns, final sellers and service providers, collection companies, and processors of electrical and electronic equipment. ASEKOL currently manages 3,284 stationary containers throughout the Czech Republic and this number is continuing to increase.

Considering the quantity of the containers and the relatively large distances between them, ASEKOL have been trying to find a suitable optimization solution allowing the centralized monitoring of the containers. The monitoring sensor solution they originally used proved to be inefficient, as it was unable to meet the specific needs of the company and the collected data only underwent generic processing.

Our cooperation with ASEKOL began in 2016, when as part of a pilot project we installed 50 Sensoneo sensors in their electronic waste containers. Their specific requirements regarding attaching the sensors to the containers resulted in the development of a special mounting, which allowed ASEKOL to take advantage of the full functionality of the Sensoneo sensors and obtain precise information about the monitored containers.

“We’ve been looking for a sensor supplier willing to develop their product in cooperation with us and adapt to our needs. Sensoneo was able to provide exactly this. Thanks to their sensors we were able to identify containers that only produced very little waste, i.e. they needed to be repositioned. We are using this information and the information on how fast the containers fill up to optimize the pick-up of the full containers.”

Our satisfaction with the Sensoneo solution resulted in the purchase of additional sensors. Currently we are using 700 sensors located throughout the Czech Republic that significantly help to optimize the entire process of processing and using electronic waste.

In comparison to the previously used method of container monitoring, we have at our disposal a clearly improved user environment allowing us to monitor the individual locations where sensors are placed. The application is very intuitive and easy to control. The monitored data can be filtered and processed as needed, whereby the most frequently used and the most valuable information for us is the display of individual container stands.